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Welcome to the restaurant ‘Pinch of Spice’! Established in 2020, restaurant Pinch of Spice is located in Nässjö, Sweden in which by combining the traditional and unique spices from Indian and Bangladeshi Cuisine with a modern touch, Pinch of Spice want to fascinate experienced as well as curious customers. While there already are a couple of restaurants located in Nässjö, but Pinch of Spice is the first one to offer Indian, Bangladeshi food and innovative cross kitchen Pizza. Our target is to offer an equilibrated mix of food, which is only produced ingredients from Bangladesh and India, and the spices will be mixed by ourselves, since we combine the important traditional spices while giving a unique modern touch of cooking. We want our customers to not only experience the best traditional side of Bangladeshi and Indian food, but also to have innovative experiences such as our pizza and street food which is on company’s core value. Envisioning our philosophy, in the future we see our restaurant as a popular place for customers who enjoy Bangladeshi and Indian food, and for those who dare to try new food concepts.

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    Pinch of Spice,
    Storgatan 30, 571 31 Nässjö,  0380-103 15, info@pinchofspice.se

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